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Terms and Conditions

 While the vehicle is the responsibility of Ivell Vehicle Logistics (IVL) it is fully comprehensively insured. However, IVL cannot accept responsibility for any operational or mechanical failure which may arise whilst the vehicle is being driven between locations. We reserve the right to charge for labour and cost of recovery for any vehicle that suffers a failure while in our care. Please note, our Breakdown Assistance only covers Registered Vehicles.

 While the vehicle is being driven on the highway, every care is taken to prevent damage to the vehicle. However sometimes, especially on motorways, stones and other debris are ejected from other vehicles, lorries etc causing damage to bodywork, punctures or to the windscreen which we will not be liable for. In this instance we will contact you for a course of action as soon as it is discovered. Our insurance covers accident damage caused by us and not damage as a result of unavoidable debris thrown up by other vehicles.

 Vehicles can only be appraised and damage identified if they are clean and dry during daylight hours at the time of collection. IVL cannot be held responsible for damage concealed by road dirt or rain. The collecting driver can only undertake superficial checks to determine the immediate road worthiness of the vehicle, tyres, lights etc.

 All vehicles must be roadworthy, especially return vehicles, and have 4 serviceable tyres and a valid MOT certificate to comply with the law. If the vehicle is deemed incapable of making a journey, no MOT or breaks down en route then extra transport costs will be payable to get it to its destination. Please ensure the battery is servicable.

  When we have been instructed to collect a vehicle by a client, It will be deemed from that time that it is ready and waiting for collection, unless advised otherwise. Significant time, effort and expense may have already been gone to when arriving at the collection address. If it is found that the vehicle is not ready due to various reasons, through no fault of our own, we reserve the right to charge a waiting time until it is ready, currently 15.00 plus VAT per hour.

In order to give you the most competitive price we can, we usually book advance train tickets or flights if no return car is available. We allow several hours contingency but if we are delayed in starting the journey through no fault of our own,  this will cut down time allowed for demonstration of the controls to your customer and catching the advance train/flight home. If we do miss our return connection, we reserve the right to charge for the return leg of the journey, which can be expensive, often doubling or more the initial quote. We will advise accordingly. Public Transport Costs are Extremely Expensive, help us to help you.

 Appraisals, While You Wait service. Once we have appraised the vehicle, we will telephone immediately to effect payment. Waiting time is charged from the arrival on site until we are in possession of the keys and are free to go. Payments leaving your bank do not guarantee arrival in the Clients bank, usually taking a number of hours, sometimes overnight. We will charge for out of pocket expenses, and overnight accommodation if necessary. We will of course contact the client to agree a course of action in this instance.

 Abort/ Cancellation Charges, Sub Contractors When we are requested to collect a vehicle, either driven or via transporter, we often use trusted partners to carry out this work on your behalf. We currently pay for this work immediately on booking to ensure the work is carried out quickly and efficiently, as per Agency terms. If, however you then cancel the job after the order has been placed, then any out of pocket expenses are fully chargeable up to 100% of the invoice total. If the job is to be carried out by IVL Staff, sufficient notice is given of cancellation, then only out of pocket expenses  will be charged. For example, advance train ticket costs.

If we arrive on site and the job is then aborted, 100% of the invoice total is then payable, plus return train travel cost or out of pocket expenses. If reasonable notice is given, minimum 36 hours and no transport costs have been incurred then we will not charge a fee.

Any claim that may arise must be submitted by email direct to IVL within 24 hours of delivery.